One of the highlights of this year’s Alamo City Leather & Fetish Weekend is the Alamo City Bootblack 2017 contest. Bootblacks from San Antonio and surrounding communities will compete to hold this title. Contestants will be judged on their bootblacking skills, customer service presentation, and how well they represent their leather community.


Contestants will compete in the categories of technical boot shine skills, personal image, technical interview, interpersonal skills, and speech. Each contestant will man a bootblack station for 2 hours on Saturday, during which they will be judged on the bootblacking skills and customer interactions. The winner of this title will be eligible to compete at the International Mr. Leather competition in Chicago, Illinois or at the International Ms. Leather contest in San Jose, California.


Prize package for winner includes:

$250.00 Travel Fund

Back Patch designed and crafted by Leather Masters for your vest that will proudly proclaim your title of Alamo City Bootblack 2017.




Click here for Application